A Whole New Generation of LED Work Lights
for Detailing & Colour Match
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SCANGRIP has developed a complete concept of specialized work light solutions designed for the detailing and paint industry. The unique features of the work lights are also specifically designed for accurate colour match.

The SCANGRIP DETAILING concept has embedded all possible needs for effective and specially designed work lights including suspension and stand solutions for both stationary and flexible positioning of the lights.

The SCANGRIP DETAILING range increases the quality and finish of each operation and reduces the rate of time-consuming and costly re-work. Due to the special LED features, the SCANGRIP DETAILING range is perfect for any paint, polish, cleaning or prep-zone operation.

The sturdy work lights are designed to resist the extreme demands of the painting workshop environment. The long operating time of the work lights makes it possible to complete a job without interruption of time-consuming recharging.

The SCANGRIP DETAILING range features a 2 COLOUR LIGHT function. This provides you with the option to choose between 2 different colour temperatures depending on the type of job to be carried out. Typically, the WARM LIGHT (4500K) is useful for bright surfaces, and COLD LIGHT (6500K) is ideal for dark coloured surfaces.

Scangrip Colour Match & Detailing Colour Temperature Kelvin 4500K 6500K

// The COB (chips on board) LED technology provides a unique, uniform and completely even illumination with only one shadow which makes it particularly effective for detailing light.

// The colour temperature (KELVIN) exactly fits the specific requirements for efficient work light in the detailing industry.


Work lights to be used for colour match purposes must have a light source with a high CRI value. The standard CRI value is calculated as an average of the first 8 R-values out of 15. This means that e.g. the R9 (red) value, which is important for correct colour recognition, is not taken into consideration for the CRI value.

SCANGRIP now introduces the CRI+ term defined as an average of all 15 R-values. This is the only correct definition of the CRI value to be used for accurate and reliable colour recognition.

scangrip colour match CRI+